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Q: If I only see one side of the part on Holmart’s webstore will they have the opposite side?
A: No as our stock is all up to date & listed exactly as you see it nothing is hidden!

Q: I see you have some or most of the parts I’m after! Then you probably have outer parts similar lying around?
A: Wrong!! We only have left, the Used, New, & Vintage New Old parts that are currently listed on our Website.

Q: I Can’t see enough pictures for the part I’m looking at?
A: Please scroll down to the Description and see all the pictures in the listing.


Q: Where can I view Holmarts used parts?

A: As we, Holmart P/L are no longer in the wrecking game, the ONLY Used Stock Holmart has is listed on our eBay Store


Q: I can’t find Holmart’s details?

A: Please scroll down on the website and click About Us


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