Credit Card Payment Security

Holmart are dedicated to providing secure online payments therefore for enhanced security, our credit card processing systems utilise 3D Secure Technology Mastercard SecureCode & Verified by Visa.

If you haven't yet registered with MasterCard SecureCode or Verified by Visa, you can do this during the payment process or activate it in advance through the Visa or MasterCard websites.

You may be requested to provide additional information during the checkout process to validate your purchase to ensure you are the person making the transaction, commonly an SMS is sent to the credit card registered owner which issues a verification code that you will need to provide

Please note if you are not able to pass the banks verification stage, money will not be drawn and your order will not be processed.

Failed Credit Card Order Payment

Due to security reasons our system will not let anyone come back and pay on an existing order that failed a payment.

For any customer who has attempted an order purchase with credit card and cannot get the payment to clear due to these security measures, please simply start again and re-order your items paying with Credit Card, Direct Deposit or PayPal.

We hope this page helps in regards to Credit Card Payments,

Kind Regards, Holmart Holden Parts.